Wholesale Information and Quotes

E-JUICE USATM is an established name brand of liquid nicotine and non - nicotine products, serving all 50 states and US Territories including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  As manufacturer of the best e juice on the market, E-JUICE USATM is pleased to offer affordable wholesale options for budding new entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners.  Our talented wholesales specialists are informed and knowledgeable about formulations, flavors, distribution to mass market, top selling items, and a whole wealth of information readily available to you, and specifically tailored to your needs! 


Expectations Of Ordering From E-JUICE USA:

Excellence!  That's what sets E-JUICE USATM apart from other liquid nicotine companies is that all orders are prepared fresh to order.  Yes, the item of your choosing is prepared just for you.  Your selected item will not be sitting on a shelf, loosing precious nicotine strength and vapor.  It is important to note that generally large wholesale orders do require a lead time, which may include 5 - 7 business days or for orders up to 100 or more gallons the lead time may include 10 - 15 business days.  Be sure to contact one of our Wholesale Specialist at (1-877-489-7574) for specific information in regards to your order.  


Wholesale Offerings Include:

* Prepared Ejuice  - Ready for Vaping with Nicotine / Flavored or Unflavored        (10ml, 30ml, 8ounce, 16ounce & Gallon Sizes)

Prepared Ejuice   - Ready for Vaping without Nicotine / Flavored or Unflavored   (10ml, 30ml, 8ounce, 16ounce & Gallon Sizes) 

* E-liquid Relaxation Formula       (6ml, 16ounce, & Gallon Sizes)

* Magic Puffs Relaxation Formula (10ml & Gallon Sizes)

* Concentrated Flavorings              (16ounce & Gallon Sizes) 

* Proplyene Glycol      (16ounce & Gallon Sizes)

* Vegetable Glycerin   (16ounce & Gallon Sizes)


Buy Bulk - Save More (Individual Use):

* Get The Wholesale Savings You Love, Buy Bulk - NO EIN NUMBER REQUIRED

* Order an 8ounce bottle of ready made ejuice (flavored or unflavored) for only: $39.95

* Order a 16 ounce bottle of ready made ejuice (flavored or unflavored) for only: $69.95

* Order a gallon size bottle of ready made ejuice (flavored only) for only: $300.00

* Order a gallon size bottle of ready made ejuice (unflavored only) for only: $239.00


Benefits Of Ordering Ejuice Wholesale:

* Liquid Nicotine and Non - Nicotine Made, Manufacture, and Produced in the U.S.A.

* Affordable Minimum Order

* Option of Using E-JUICE USATM Brand Labels or Your Own

* Customize E juice and E liquid Formulations

* Over 160 Flavors Available

* Various Bottle Sizes, Not Available Online

* A+ Customer Service

And Much, Much More... 



Call 1-877-489-7574 or email ejuiceusa@gmail.com!!!

***You Must Be of Legal Smoking Age / Virginia Law Requires Persons to Be 18, to Order Any Wholesale or Retail Products.***